The CKFA is a Not for Profit Sporting Association run by volunteers. Many of these volunteers are instructors and master of the ART and support the organisation and its members in many ways from managing the day to day running of the schools, online platforms and events to training and grading students.

It is important that as a community spirited organisation our instructors remain compliant in the areas of:

  • Sport Specific knowledge
  • Student safety
  • Child Protection
  • Non- discrimination
  • Risk Management
  • Coaching Skills
  • First Aid

To this end all of our instructors have undergone accreditation and continue to be accredited in Community Coaching as sanctioned by the Australian Institute of Sport. This includes compliance to the relevant codes of conduct specific to our Martial Art.

Instructors can be recognised by the Green Shirt they wear or Black shirts for Master instructors.

Instructors are present at every class to ensure the curriculum and codes of conduct are maintained.

Please respect the instructors and the instructions given to aid your personal Tai Chi or Kung Fu training.

If you have a complaint or perhaps a general question of any kind please contact an instructor or Master you feel comfortable approaching.