Young Mantis

This special group in the Chinese Kung Fu Academy can be joined by all children between the ages of 7 and 12 years.

In ‘Young Mantis’ they can enjoy the benefits of a course that Grand Master Henry Sue has especially designed to help children develop not only their body, but also their character. Experienced instructors, trained in child safety, teach the traditional Tong Long style of Kung Fu, and pay particular attention to the improvement of self-confidence, self-awareness, self-discipline, self-control and self-defense. Children and adults train separately, and training fees are reduced.

Some of the Physical benefits are:

  • Improvement of reflexes and coordination;
  • Increases in strength, stamina and energy;
  • Increased flexibility; and
  • Greater overall fitness through cardiovascular workouts.

Some of the mental benefits are:

  • Improvement of ability to concentrate;
  • Increased self-discipline;
  • Decrease of anxiety through greater self-confidence;
  • Stress reduction through relaxation techniques; and
  • ‘Peace of mind’ through greater awareness of ‘inner self’.

The ‘Peace of Mind’, that comes from knowing that you are able to protect yourself, will not only help your child when he/she is confronted with ‘bullies’, but will also have a dramatic effect on the development of self-confidence and discipline. Improvements in concentration may lead to better study results, and the reduction of stress guarantees a better lifestyle overall.