What is Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu?

Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu is a complete martial arts system based on the rapid, powerful moves of the Praying Mantis. It is renowned for its devastating hitting power.

Do you kick in this style?

Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu is predominantly a hands on system. We do kick to the lower half of the body, attacking the groin, knees, feet and toes. Well trained hands will beat legs every time.

What will I get out of my training?

If you train consistently you will develop formidable weapons to defend yourself. We will train you in rapid, repetitive heavy strikes using fingers, hands, elbows, knees, feet, and head. You will learn grappling, locking, and tearing techniques. We will instil a fierce mental focus in you, as well as the correct morals, ethics, and etiquette required to not only become a fighter, but a respected member of the community.

Who can Train?

Children from aged 7 – 12 train in the “Young Mantis” Class. Adults (Male and Female) train in normal classes.

Will I get hurt?

We do our best to make training both realistic and safe. As you are learning a fighting art it must be accepted that martial arts are dangerous and that injuries may occur from time to time. Instructors and fellow students work together to ensure serious injuries are avoided in normal training. Please note that any form of bullying or showing off is absolutely not accepted in our school.

How long does each grade take to accomplish up to 1st degree Masters level?

It takes about 10 years to go from absolute beginner to Master Level. If you are attending training twice a week every week and are learning and applying what you learn correctly. There are 12 grades to get through. Some of the earlier grades can be achieved in a 6-12 weeks whereas some of the higher grade can take more than 12 months. Average would be to allow 3-6 months per grade from beginner to yellow; 6-9 months from yellow to green; 9-12 months from green to blue; 12-18 months from blue to master. The reason later grades take longer is because these grades become more demanding as the knowledge increases with each grade.

I am a student of one branch – can I train at another branch?

Yes. If your fees are paid and you advise your Sifu that you wish to train at another branch he/she will provide you with an introduction to the other branch. Just show up and show proper respect and you can train. No additional fees are payable.

If I have a complaint or wish to provide some suggestions how do I go about this?

We respect everyone’s privacy and also welcome your feedback. The best way is to either talk in private with your Sifu or a senior instructor you feel comfortable talking to. If you wish to remain anonymous then email the CKFA at admin@ckfa.com.au or drop in a note or letter to the suggestion box at your branch or post a letter to the suggestion box at the CKFA Head Quarters – see contact page for details.

Can I get private lessons?

Yes. Depending on the masters they may provide training sessions in private at an additional cost similar to personal trainer fees and in merit with their master level. It always pays to have a training partner arranged for yourself before you request a private training session.

Do you train full contact like MMA or UFC?

No. Normal training is not limited by rules as seen in MMA and UFC. All parts of the body are seen as targets HOWEVER not all parts of the body can be hit or contacted in the course of training e.g. back of the neck; eyes; ears; private parts.

Do you fight in MMA or UFC arenas?

We understand that some of our younger students are very keen to enter these arenas. As an organisation we do not encourage or promote our students enter such competitions. The reason being we do not train to another styles methods or rules and therefore would be limiting our arts effectiveness by submitting to MMA or UFC rules. However as a progressive organisation we are providing our members training methods to accommodate students with “what-if?” type questions. Through our simulated advanced training methods senior members train to deal with the different attack and defence modes of other styles commonly seen in mixed martial arts events. Any further questions about this should be addressed to your branch Sifu.

What does it cost?

We have different packages available – contact your local branch for costs.

What do I wear to my first lesson?

You will need to show up wearing comfortable clothes and sports shoes. Bring a towel and water bottle.