An amazing opportunity to train with Sifu Henry Sue and friendly, qualified and helpful Masters and instructors. Henry Sue Circular Tong Long is everything I have ever been searching for in a martial art. I am truly amazed at each level I progress, and wonder what could possibly come next. I look forward to experiencing every step of this journey and passing this incredible art on to my children and beyond.

Great school. Very diligent in making students feel safe. If you're looking for an effective traditional martial art, this one is great.

A school that fosters passion and growth in its members. The knowledgeable and numerous instructors allow developing your skills in the art an enjoyable and insightful experience. I look forward to training each week!

To quote Si Suk (Sifu's brother): "We are here to make good people strong." Practical, no-nonsense, get-the-job-done fighting, without any Hollywood theatrics. A marvelous blend of physical power and speed taught with a philosophy of respect and kindness

This school is a rare find. The instructors are passionate and will put in 100% to develop your skill and to help you develop as a person if you are willing to put in some effort. Everyone is treated with the utmost respect regardless of gender, age or ability.