Central Gold Coast

Henry Sue Circular Tong Long Authorised Affiliate CKFA Branch


This school is dedicated to teaching and practising the art of Henry Sue Circular Tong Long…

With accredited Teachers and Instructors we aim to teach the principles and applications of Kung Fu and Tai Chi which includes Weaponry and the internal Art of Qi Gong, Body Conditioning, Mediation and Breathing Techniques…

At Central Gold Coast Branch we have a driving energy and enthusiasm towards an environment of an all-inclusiveness…We believe this style of teaching makes for safe and effective learning and only further enhances your ability to learn and grow in all aspects of Martial Morality and thus providing you with the confidence, real life skills and foresight to engage in all aspects of life…

This Journey is both Challenging and Rewarding

Please refer to social media for updated schedule and class times.

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A: 4 Olympic Circuit, Southport 4215