About CKFA

Our school was founded in 1958 and established in Brisbane, Australia. We are the oldest Kung Fu school in Australia and for over 50 years our schools have grown throughout the country and abroad.

Our Sifu, 9th Degree Grandmaster Henry Sue commenced martial arts training (Praying Mantis Style of Kung Fu) at the age of 11 years. He trained under Master Nat Yuen, who was a 9th degree Gold Belt, the highest grade of his generation in Hong Kong. He has trained for over 56 years and has been teaching martial arts for over half a century.

His style of teaching is very much ‘hands on,’ personally teaching 5 times a week. A direct descendant of the Chen School of Tai Chi, he has uniquely incorporated the circular ‘yin and yang’ principles of Tai Chi into Kung Fu. This has produced a pure fighting system, which he has given his own name, Henry Sue Circular Tong Long.

Our training is available to all. Whether you are young or old, in good health or aspiring to be, we can help you achieve your goals. Enter into a training program of Kung Fu or Tai Chi that is challenging, promotes self-discipline, and keeps you motivated. Through your training you will learn an incredible skill, increase your fitness and gain better health in a safe environment.

Classes offered:


All our Instructors are accredited with the AKWF (Australian Kung Fu and Wushu Federation) which requires each instructor to undergo sport specific martial arts coaching training and examination as well as the requirement to maintain an up to date Blue Card to permit our instructors to teach children and a First Aid Certificate.

Our instructors follow a strict Instructors code of conduct which ensures our students can train safely and securely within the CKFA.

The role of instructors is to retrain their own understanding by sharing their knowledge with students of a lesser grade. The class Sifu will then check and correct what has been taught to ensure the standard of training is upheld and is current with the arts development. In this way all students get access to both grade instructors and their Sifu’s guidance.

The Chinese Kung Fu Academy is accredited & associated with the following governing bodies:

  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • Martial Arts Industry Association
  • The Australian Kung Fu & Wushu Federation
CKFA Code of Practice

CKFA branches comply with the MAIA code of practice.

Download MAIA Code of Practice