Tai Chi

Tai Chi is low impact physical exercise, which makes it suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. This old Chinese ‘martial art’ form is characterised by the fluency and gracefulness of its movements. Once mastered, the improved levels of precise muscular control, in combination with the increased breathing rhythms and abilities to focus and concentrate, should ensure a better ‘way of life’.

To gain the true benefit of Tai Chi requires time and practice, and importantly correct teaching to guide a person to what Tai Chi actually represents. According to Grand Master Sue, “Performing the movements of Tai Chi is not Tai Chi. The practitioner must understand and integrate movement with feeling, timing and rhythm, and breathing to give air and life to internal organs of the body. Without actually practicing the true essence of Tai Chi, the so called walking meditation of Tai Chi can never be achieved.”

At the Chinese Kung Fu Academy we teach Tai Chi forms, applications and principles.