Online Training

Practice makes perfect, but only if you practice the right thing. The instructional videos created by our Sifu, 9th Degree Grand Master Henry Sue, combined with his in depth explanation of how to correctly perform the shown techniques, allow you to carefully examine your own movements and correct them where required. The videos will not only help you to review and improve what you may already know, but they are also a great way to prepare you for what is still to come.

Together with what  you learn from a qualified instructor during your classes this new online learning method will undoubtedly help you to become a more skilful Circular Tong Long practitioner. This excellent collection of videos is still growing and you can find them on our website:

Online 1-on-1 Classes – Kung Fu & Tai Chi

Online classes are now available! Train 25mins online with a Master to help you.  This is a rare and valuable opportunity to receive feedback and improve on your training. Be quick on booking your session! Limited spots available.

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“I am absolutely loving these videos and I am learning so much from them! It is so good to be able to go back over them and with Tai Sigung’s expert breakdown of it, it’s invaluable! I am so grateful that Tai Sigung and the CKFA Team have put together these videos for us. I doubt that anywhere in the world you would be able to download a 9th degree Grand Master showing their art in this detail, we are very blessed!”

Dan Hawes – CKFA Caloundra

“The 1 on 1 video session was a rare opportunity to access personal guidance from a Master. Highly recommended to further Kung fu skills and understanding.”

Maria, CKFA HQ