Port Macquarie

Henry Sue Circular Tong Long Authorised Affiliate CKFA Branch

Master: Sifu Chee Low 2nd Degree

We aim to ensure all our CKFA affiliate schools are well located and have ample parking facilities and amenities. Our Instructors specialize in teaching Circular Tong Long Kung Fu, Yang Style and Chen Style Tai Chi plus weaponry. We welcome new students with a FREE first lesson and OFFER discount Intro courses of 4 weeks. Please call us or just turn up 15 minutes early on the first day of class for the week.


P: 0427 167 897

E: portmacquarie@ckfa.com.au

A: Westport High School Findlay Street, Port Macquarie NSW


Kung Fu

  • Tuesday: 6:00pm - 7:30pm